For those of you who feel better above the tree line, a constant reminder to immerse yourself in nature and, literally, rise above it all.


Perfect for the hiker, climber, skiier or boarder in your life!


With an iron-on glue backing, this is super easy to add to your backpack, chalk bag, jacket or beanie before you head for the hills...


Price includes Postage & Packaging within the UK.

Positive Mental Altitude Embroidered Patch



    We are a global team of Insecurity Officers patrolling in London, Brighton, Bristol, Wales, France, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver & NZ.

    We are always recruiting so if you would like to be an Insecurity Officer in your local area, just get in touch. 

    Meet The Force... 

    Officer McGregor (London)

    Officer Enema (London)

    Officer McCaul (London)

    Officers Denmark and Kenney (NZ)

    Officer Bow-wow (London)

    Officers Martini and Sparkles (Melbourne)

    Officer Fransman (UK)

    Officer Shades (UK)

    Officer Taylor (UK)

    Officer Raymond (UK)

    Officer Mulahella (Amsterdam)

    Officer Taunton (Sydney)

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